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Hello, welcome to Cambridge Relocation Services (CRS). My name is Rosa Cazorla, and some years ago now I relocated to Cambridge to embark on a new chapter with my family. I left behind me an amazing job, being the European Human Resources Manager at a Pharmaceutical company. But coming to Cambridge was just the beginning of an exciting journey! I wanted to experience a new culture, a new way of living, and to find new opportunities. The first months though were a real challenge: I was outside my comfort zone, struggling with a different culture and there were just so many things to do!

After making sure that my children were settled and our home life organised, I started to look for work. Holding degrees in Business, Management and Marketing, and Strategic Human Resources, I was lucky enough to find a position at a fabulous multi-cultural scientific organisation where, among other responsibilities, I relocated people from all over the world to Cambridge.

And this is where CRS was born. Relocating to Cambridge certainly made me in to a new person, and even if I still enjoyed working in industry I wanted to do MORE. So I decided to set up Cambridge Relocation Services to apply my skills, knowledge, and expertise through my own business. My passion is, after all, working with people!

At our core, CRS operates on efficiency, passion for people, commitment and inclusivity.

We strive to deliver a tailored positive experience to you, providing a complete and skilled service. We are at the forefront of working effectively with all nationalities, and can offer multilingual support to ensure clear and accurate communications.


about people
Everyone is unique and each experience is different. If, like us, you believe people are at the centre of everything, then you have come to the right place! Through us, we will help you embrace your new life.

about help
By helping you to handle your relocation we can positively contribute to building your future, giving you the time and headspace to be at your best and focus on your priorities.

about attitude
We build trust through excellence in our relationship with you, becoming your ideal insider partner during your transition.

We believe that happiness comes from an easy, stress-free and efficient relocation, aligning your lifestyle to your new home!

We would love to hear from you, so … GET IN TOUCH with us!