Cambridge’s nickname is “Silicon Fen” or “Silicon Cluster”


Cambridge is at the heart of a high technology centre known as “Silicon Fen” or “Silicon Cluster”. So Cambridge’s nickname is Silicon Fen by the analogy of Silicon Valley in California, because it lies at the Southern end of the English Fenland. The nickname contrasts with Scotland’s Silicon Glen, which also hints at manufacturing.

Cambridge is also called “City of perspiring dreams”, created by the student’s union.

City nicknames can help to establish a civic identity, to help outsiders recognise a community, to promote civic pride or to build community unity. Nicknames of cities arise from their official or unofficial effort to “rebrand” themselves and improve their image. While all nicknames come from a city’s history and characteristics, some might be a little bizarre. 

London, the capital city of England and the UK, has a lot of history and rich culture. The good and bad backstories give London its interesting nicknames. The most common nickname for London is “The Big Smoke”, due to The Great Smog of 1952. London is also known as “The Home of Big Ben” because of the Big Ben bell that hangs in the clock tower. The tower lies at the end of the Palace of Westminster. Other top nicknames for London that will surely surprise you are “Where Royalty lives”, “Londinium”, “The Great Men”, “The Swinging City”, and many more!