The UK is on track to hit the vaccination targets!

The COVID-19 vaccination is the biggest vaccination programme in NHS history. The Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccine and Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine are the two jabs currently in rotation in the UK, with doses developed by Moderna, which was approved on January, expected to arrive by spring. 

New results on February showed that a single dose of the Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccine prevents two-thirds of Covid transmissions.

10 interesting facts about the United Kingdom

Great Britain is a varied island, filled with stories, intriguing history and cultural traditions. 

These are some Interesting facts to prepare you for living in this historic country. It's time to improve your knowledge with interesting and downright fun facts about Great Britain.

Get ready to discover some new information!


Cambridge’s nickname is “Silicon Fen” or “Silicon Cluster”

Cambridge is at the heart of a high technology centre known as “Silicon Fen” or “Silicon Cluster”. So Cambridge’s nickname is Silicon Fen by the analogy of Silicon Valley in California, because it lies at the Southern end of the English Fenland. The nickname contrasts with Scotland’s Silicon Glen, which also hints at manufacturing.

Cambridge is also called “City of perspiring dreams”, created by the student’s union.

Cambridge has provided a stunning backdrop to many films and TV series.

Showcasing Cambridge University as an elite institution as well as sharing the insights of the student’s lives, is and has always been a famous theme for the British Cinema. These are famous and great movies and series that you need to add to your must watch list, they feature the beautiful streets of the city. Cambridge has lots of hidden gems!